Apex 2015 Predictions

Monday, Jan 26 2015  -   Brendan Viloria

Apex 2015, the biggest Melee tournament since its release, is coming up this weekend with 1036 entrants for Melee singles. The top 16 particpants from the Twitch sponsored Apex circuit are finalized as of Paragon 2015, but do those really matter? With the massive turnout expected, no one is really safe and anything is possible. I've invited some competitive smash players to provide their input on expected APEX 2015 placings.

 Here are my picks for top 3 in Melee singles:

  1. MOR | Hepatitis B
  2. MOR | Axe
  3. MOR | ChuDat

​From my non-stop practice, consumption of insane amounts of G-Fuel Blue Ice, and coming from the SoCal, the best region, I believe I can take Apex 2015 easy. Some call me the hidden boss of SoCal, but everything will be revealed this weekend. (I am also very happy that I do not have VODs of me playing, so no one can study me). Next, we have an actual gentleman's agreement to tie Axe and ChuDat, but being the gentleman that ChuDat is, he has allowed Axe to take second place! This Apex will be amazing with three members from Mortality eSports taking it all!

Next, we have Leahboo (@leahdohboy), a Smasher from Washington, with her predictions:

  1. [A]rmada
  2. C9.Mango
  3. Leffen

I can't say who will make get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd because at this point, I think it would be any combination of Armada, Mango, PPMD, Leffen, and M2K. But, I will say I think M2K and Leffen will be lower than the first three I named. I think Leffen has been practicing a lot and based off BEAST and Paragon 2015, he definitely has a chance. I don't know what I can say about PPMD, since he's kinda been MIA, but I don't see him dominating this time. So, if I HAD to name top 3, in this order it would be Armada, Mango, Leffen.

This Missippian smasher, Soryutwo (@soryutwo), coming all the way from Germany to attend Apex, (and my Melee doubles partner), had this say:

  1. C9.Mango
  2. EG | PPMD
  3. PL MVG EMP | M2K

I feel Mango is gonna take it over PPMD this year. I mean he has to, due to his loss last year. And I'm a PPMD fan boy to the death! Now on to PPMD. I feel he's gonna take second. I honestly haven't seen any of his play in tourney for a while, but I feel like he's kind of flying under the radar. Now down to M2K. M2K has the physical capability to achieve higher I just feel like he mentally beats himself down.

Finally we have Smash pro Jim Jam Flim Flam (@SmashProJJFF) on the mic telling us what he thinks about Apex:

Hey, what's up, Smash fanatics? JJFF here, with some predictions for Apex. Naturally, I feel that such a list is incomplete without me. However, I am a humble man. One of the most humble men ever, I'd say. Top 3, for sure.


Bronze Medallion (3rd Place) – Leffen

After suffering a very early loss in bracket to rival Chillman (despite easily winning the $100,000 money match 1 hour prior), Leffen goes on an amazing tear through the losers bracket. His finest moment at the tournament occurs in losers semis when he manages to successfully counter Hungrybox's Jigglypuff by passively relying on heckles from the crowd. Leffen takes home the bronze medallion, $100 in prize money, and a $35 gift card to Sonic Drive-In.


Silver Linings Playbook (2nd Place) – C9.Mango

Even the greatest GOAT of all time occasionally gets his goat gotten. As usual, Mango out-classes and out-styles all of his opponents for most of the tournament. At one point, he chooses to play with a Wavebird for six consecutive matches, and doesn't drop a single stock. The impressive thing, though, is that the Wavebird doesn't have batteries in it. But unfortunately for Mango, he meets his match in the grand finale. He goes home with a Blu-Ray copy of Silver Linings Playbook, $1000 in prize money, and also the Sonic gift card that Leffen gave him for heckling Hungrybox earlier.


Gold Chocobo (1st Place) – EG | PPMD

PPMD. Doctor PeePee. Doctor Papaya. Nan-Man. Whatever it is that his fans choose to call him, this evil genius clearly spent the last several months concocting his most evil plan yet. After suffering a very early loss in bracket to Leffen's rival Chillman, PPMD re-focuses and rallies hard. He defeats Leffen in losers finals, 4-1 (don't even ask), then quickly resets the bracket versus Mango. Due to a complicated series of counterpicks prior to game 5, PPMD's Luigi beats Mango's Zelda on Big Blue to win the tournament. He takes home $10,000 in prize money, a gold chocobo, and a $35 gift card to Sonic that he found on the ground outside the venue.


Stray Observations:

  • Hax has to retire from the tourney early, as his forearms, wrists, and hands are too muscle-bound to effectively continue.
  • Wobbles is banned from the tournament, after a pool captain misunderstands a late alteration to the rules by the T.O. that bans wobbling.
  • Armada and M2K somehow double-eliminate each other simultaneously in winner's quarters.
  • Axe is diqualified after politely asking a local restaurant worker to be sure to “scrub that dish” well in the kitchen.
  • Chillman finishes 4th place.


Be sure to check out all the action at Apex 2015 this weekend! Don't miss out on this historic Smash event!


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