CEO Orlando, Florida Recap

Monday, Jun 30 2014  -   Justin Dellario

This past weekend, Daniel 'ChuDat' Rodriguez traveled to Orlando Florida to compete in the event titled CEO. CEO 2014 was a three day event in Orlando, Florida packed with almost every popular competitive fighting game known to man. It is highly regarded as  "the road to EVO." In Super Smash Bros, hundreds of entrants participated in SSB Melee and SSB Project M, Singles and Doubles. The Super Smash Bros. tournament was easily the largest SSB tournament east of the Mississippi in the Summer of 2014. 

Rising to the competition, ChuDat had a stellar weekend placing top ten in every single event entered.  In SSB Melee, ChuDat placed a respectable ninth place, losing his life in that bracket to one of Florida's rising stars. In Melee Doubles, ChuDat and Chillendude continued to prove that their long tenure of partnering in tournaments has paid off with a solid third place finish.  In SSB Project M, ChuDat finished an outstanding fourth place, beating the Smash God Armada, and fighting a close battle with another Smash God Mew2King, almost reaching top three. In Project M Doubles, ChuDat and Chillendude showed off their team work taking an additional third place in doubles for the weekend.

All in all, CEO was an outstanding event run by an outstanding group of organizers. ChuDat could not have wished for better preparation with  EVO in Las Vegas, Nevada, two weeks away.

When asked about CEO, ChuDat had this to say: 

"Best tournament I've been to all year. Well organized, well ran, the people were great, TO's were nice, and I can't wait to attend next year. I'm really happy I beat Armada. That victory gives me the confidence to know that I can still hang with the best"


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