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Wednesday, Oct 29 2014  -   Justin Dellario

Mortality fans, the three shirts displayed below are the player's choice top three submissions in the Design The Next Mortality Fan T-Shirt Contest. In order to rank the shirts one through three, we will be relying on you, our fans. Review the designs, vote in the poll, and stay tuned for the announcement.

 Entry #1

 Entry #2

 Entry #3

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Original Contest Announcement 

Mortality Fan T-Shirt Contest

Mortality fans, we're excited to announce that in conjunction with our sponsor, Teespring, we'll be hosting a "Mortality Fan T-Shirt Contest." The goal of our contest is not only to reward one of the many talented artists out there with some cool stuff, but also to produce some new Mortality eSports fan wear. 

How It Works:

Competing artists will have three weeks to design up to three new Mortality eSports Fan T-Shirt concepts in .JPEG or .PNG format to [email protected] E-mails should be titled: "Mortality Fan T-Shirt Submission: [Last Name, First Name]." At the end of the three weeks, on 21 November 2014, the Mortality eSports players from Call of Duty, SMITE, and Fighting Games, without knowing the artists, will narrow the shirt concepts down to the top three designs. A day or two later, those designs will then be displayed on social media for a final fan poll that will decide the winner. It is currently planned that all of the top three designs will be launched as campaigns in the Mortality eSports Teespring Store.

Mortality Logo Assets: 


upload files online



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1st Place: 1x Wacom Intuos Pen Pad Graphics Tablet, 1x Mortality Contest Winning Fan Shirt

2nd Place: 1x G-Fuel Tub of Artist's Choice, 1x Mortality Contest Winning Fan Shirt or Personal Design

3rd Place:  1x G-Fuel Sampler, 1x Mortality Contest Winning Fan Shirt or Personal Design


- No more than three concepts submitted per one entrant

- Design submissions including a back and a front should include both angles for review

- Concepts must be submitted in  .JPEG or .PNG format. (If available, artists will be asked for .PSD or .EPS prior to campaign launch)

- T-Shirt designs must be Mortality eSports themed in look and appearance. 

- T-Shirt designs must not be vulgar, crude, or distasteful and must not display profanity, paraphernalia, or nudity.

- Any T-Shirt concept believed to be plagiarized will be removed from the competition

- T-Shirt concepts must not include distortion of any Mortality logo or trademark beyond recognition

- Contest winner must be willing to provide their full name and address in order to receive contest prizing


Example Format For T-Shirt Concept Submission: (Note: Designs should avoid use of shirt sleeves)

We are extremely excited to see what types of designs our amazing fans and budding artists will come up with! Any and all questions regarding the contest should be submitted to [email protected] with the phrase "Contest Question: " at the start of the subject line. Good Luck.

This announcement was written by Brendan, our Lead Content Creator here at Mortality eSports. Follow him on Twitter @CrsFriendzone

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