Jonathan "Rico Suave" Deleon Joins Mortality eSports!

Monday, Aug 04 2014  -   Brendan Viloria

Mortality eSports is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of Jonathan "Rico Suave" Deleon! Rico Suave joins Mortality eSports Fighting Games division with ChuDat and Axe as our first player specializing in Killer Instinct, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Rico Suave is very excited to represent Mortality, Team Razer, G-Fuel, and our other great sponsors.

Hailing from New York, Rico Suave is a 26 year old professional fighting games player. When he's not lifting heavy weights, he's lifting his fight stick to dominate the fighting game competition. Since KI's  beginnings, he's been a dominant force with his team of Thunder, Fulgore, Glacius, Jago, and Sabrewulf.  He is also known for his Abel and M. Bison in USF4 and his Aquaman and Black Adam in Injustice.

Rico's recent placements in tournaments include a 2nd in KI and 25th in Injustice at EVO 2014 and 1st in Killer Instinct and 5th in USF4 at Resistance 2. His first tournament under Mortality eSports will be First Attack 2014 held in Puerto Rico on August 16-17. Shortly after that, Rico Suave will be making a special appearance at Shadowloo Showdown V in Melbourne, Australia on August 29-31. Learn more about Shadowloo Showdown here.

In the video above, RicoSuave earns his niackname "The Freshmaker" after maintaining a calm and collected posture while his opponent has a hard time accepting his loss.


When asked how he feels about joining Mortality eSports, Rico Suave had this to say:

I'm very excited... like that feeling when you get something new and you can't wait to open it! Also, joining Mortality makes me feel like I'm moving up in my gaming career and for that, I am grateful for them. Being a part of Mortality will be a huge breakthrough for me. I will be able to attend more tournaments from all over the place not just the East Coast. It'll definitely make me practice harder in all the games I play, especially because I'm the new recruit and I'd like to put out great performances. I look foward to Mortality as a team and a family as it continues to grow.

For Mortality, Rico's addition to the roster is the next step in building a strong fighting games division to go along with our popular Call of Duty teams and our long history in SMITE community building and competition.


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