MLG Championships Anaheim Recap

Friday, Jun 27 2014  -   Justin Dellario

From 19 to 23 June 2014, Mortality eSports traveled to Anaheim, California to compete in Call of Duty and Super Smash Bros. Melee at Major League Gaming's MLG Championship Anaheim. The teams and player participating included Mortality eSports COD, Mortality Academy COD, and Daniel 'ChuDat' Rodriguez, Super Smash Bros. player.


In Call of Duty, where Mortality had two teams competing, Mortality eSports COD finished in 65th place out of a 164 teams competing while Mortality Academy COD ended the weekend with a 97th place finish. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Daniel 'ChuDat' Rodriguez finished 29th out of 269 competing in singles and 4th place out of 36 stacked teams in doubles competing with his long-time friend and team mate Team Curse's Chillindude. In addition to the competitive brackets, ChuDat was selected to compete in a special exhibition East Coast Vs. West Coast crew battle where the top ten players from each region battled it out in a 40 stock 10 Vs. 10 format.  While the East Coast fell to a close victory by West Coast, ChuDat took 4 stocks from West Coast despite being matched against a notorious counter pick to the Iceclimbers, Peach. 

Player Comments:

Daniel 'ChuDat' Rodriguez, SSB: "Before MLG Anaheim I was not entirely certain I still belonged on the big circuit in professional Smash Brothers, but, thanks to Mortality eSports and organizations like them, myself and other high level Smashers are getting to relive the moments we created in the past and live the dreams we always had for Super Smash Brothers.  After this weekend, I am confident I still belong and can not wait to climb back up the ladder in coming events like CEO, EVO, Zenith, and Apex.  The future is bright." 

Nicholas 'Crook mT' Quanstrom, Mortality Academy COD: "I am glad to be playing for Mortality. This weekend was one I will never forget and I look forward to competing again with this organization."

Eli 'Vz_God mT' Ball, Captain, Mortality Academy COD: "This weekend I really felt like Mortality turned a dream of mine in to a reality. I am proud in how we preformed at my entire team's first live event ever. Not a single player from my team has ever attended a LAN event before and we all played phenomenally. The fact that we were given this opportunity means the world to me and all of my players. I  feel with more LAN experience under our belts we we'll be a top contender and I hope to see us there with the name Mortality eSports backing us."

Sam 'Samzorz' Hall, Mortality eSports COD: MLG Anaheim was an incredible experience. Our team performed at a really high level, the atmosphere of the event was phenomenal,  the attendance was insane, and the support we recieved from sponsors like Team Razer and Gunnar Optiks was second to none. I can't wait for the future with Mortality eSports and the rest of my team.


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