Mortality eSports 1-7 September Recap

Tuesday, Sep 09 2014  -   Justin Dellario


Mortality eSports SMITE Team had a busy 2nd week in the Hirez Studios' SMITE Pro League (SPL). For those unaware, the SPL is Hi-Rez's version of the LCS from the MOBA League of Legends.  In its own style, the SPL puts 6 professional level teams from the North American and EU regions in a multi-month season which leads up to a play-offs, and subsequently, the SMITE World Championships (SWC). The SWC is expected to deliver a seven figure prize pool after crowd-funding.

For Mortality SMITE, this week's schedule included three matches against some of the biggest names in eSports' SMITE teams, and after all was said and done, Mortality remains the number one team in Europs with a 5-1 record: 

On 3 September, in the 1st match of the week, Mortality SMITE faced Team Coast. (WIN 1-0) Watch

On 4 September, in the 2nd match of the week, Mortality SMITE re-matched the returning World Champions Team Solo Mid and unfortunately mat their first loss. (Loss 1-0) Watch

On 6 September, in their last match of Week 2, Mortality SMITE faced SK Gaming. (WIN 1-0) Watch

In this past week, Mortality SMITE remained the front runner in SMITE's European SPL. Click here for the standings. 

Off note, on 5 September, Hi-Rez Studios announced an extra 30K LAN tournament to be held prior to the end of the SPL season. The only details made available at this point include the date of 20 September at a location in Sweden. Check out that announcement and stay tuned for additional details here.


Did you get a chance to see our SMITE team announcement video?  Watch it here.


Fighting Games

In Fighting Games, after leaving Shadowloo Showdown in Melbourne, Australia, Rico Suave traveled to Southern California to compete at multiple events: Level Up Series' "Wednesday Night Fights", "The Runback", and "West Coast Warzone 4." On Wednesday, Rico competed at  in USF4 and Injustice  and on Thursday, Killer Instinct. Both events were held at Super Arcade. Rico Suave earned 4th in USF4, losing to Marq Teddy in the loser's bracket quarterfinals and 7th in Injustice, losing to EGP Krayzie in the fourth round of loser's bracket. On Thursday, Rico took 1st place in Killer Instinct, beating Hitbox Tyrant in the grand finals. You can check out the brackets here.

On Friday night, Rico Suave and Pretty E, another top Killer Instinct competitor, and top 8 EVO placewinner, were invited as special guests to play showmatches for Killer Instinct on Twin Galaxies Live's FGC Live Stream. Twin Galaxies Live is known for setting video game world records, hosting multiple shows, and a variety of gaming related content. You can check out their stream at

Finally, on Saturday and Sunday, Rico attended West Coast Warzone 4 and entered USF4, Killer Instinct, and Injustice. Rico won 1st in Killer Instinct, beating Hitbox Tyrant once again and 9th in both Injustice and USF4. You can check out all of the brackets from West Coast Warzone 4 here.

Rico Suave's next major scheduled event is GUTS 3 in late September. 


Call of Duty

The 2nd week of the Perfect Alliance League Season 1  was a challenging one for Mortality COD as it included their first competitive match after the recent acquisition of Kirby, the newest roster member for Mortality COD. On Wednesday, 3 September, Mortality COD faced the budding top amateaur roster of Annex.  In a BO5 set that went all 5 possible rounds before Annex managed to squeeze out a win, Mortality COD started out very strong taking maps 1 and 3.  After realizing defeat was almost a possiblity, Annex reached to their bench and replaced a poorly performing Nihill with Nelson from Fearless Under Fire. The match scores can be found here. Mortality COD will look to redeem themselves in the coming week when they face the very challenging roster of Orbit Pro on 10 September at 10 PM EST on For the full league schedule, click here.

Mortality COD's next major scheduled event is UMG Nashville in mid October.


Super Smash Bros.

ChuDat -

From 1 to 7 September, ChuDat did not enter any local Smash tournaments. Instead, ChuDat spent his time studying for his finance classes and creating video content. If you are not following ChuDat's YouTube channel already, make sure to check it out and catch his new videos as they are released. He plans to return to all local Smash events in the coming weeks.

Axe - 

This past Friday, Axe attended the AZ ASU Weeklies however, did not compete due to arriving late from work. Instead, Axe commentated and competed in friendly matches. On this coming Friday, Axe plans to return to the event. In the meantime, Axe is diligently preparing for his next major events.

Both of our Smashers are currently preparing for Tipped Off 10 in late September and the Big House 4 in early October.


Spotlight: "Axe About Me!" the Combo Video and Teespring Shirt

Last Friday, our sponsor G-Fuel/Gamma Gamers released a combo video for our very own Jeffrey "Axe" Williamson titled "Axe About Me". The combo video features the best of Axe's combos from local footage to major tournaments like MLG Anaheim and EVO 2014.

In addition to the combo video, Teespring released the "Axe About Me" t-shirt designed in conjunction with Axe, featuring a picture of him at EVO 2014. You can purchase this shirt here!


For information on Mortality eSports players and event as they occur, follow us on Twitter @MortalityeS.

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