Mortality eSports 13-19 October Recap

Wednesday, Oct 22 2014  -   Brendan Viloria




Mortality eSports SMITE Team had a quiet week since the end of the the Hirez Studios' SMITE Pro League (SPL) first season. For those unaware, the SPL is Hi-Rez's version of the LCS from the MOBA League of Legends.  In its own style, the SPL puts 6 professional level teams from the North American and EU regions in a multi-month season which leads up to a play-offs, and subsequently, the SMITE World Championships (SWC). The SWC crowd-funding campaigns have already been successful in reaching the $1,000,000 mark while the overall prize pool increases daily. For more information on the recent reach of the $1,000,000 goals, check out our sister company, SMITECentral's article.

For Mortality SMITE this past week was all about preparation for the SMITE EU Regional Championship event to be held in Cologne Germany 15-16 November. Mortality will continue to prepare for this event.

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Fighting Games

This past week, Rico Suave practiced at home and will continue training for this winter's major events. Also, Season 2 of Killer Instinct is here, so make sure to watch Rico Suave's stream daily to see more on Season 2.


Call of Duty

Mortality COD and COD Academy are anxiously awaiting the release of Advanced Warfare. In the meantime, many players from Mortality COD have taken to streaming on their channels.  


Super Smash Bros.


ChuDat -

On 18 October, ChuDat entered Melee Monthly at Xanadu in Baltimore, Maryland. He entered both the low tier and standard Melee singles events placing first in both. You can check out the full brackets on Challonge.

Axe - 

Axe practiced at home in preparation for major events this Winter.


Spotlight: Samzorz 24-Hour Livestream for Children!

Our streamer/marketing assistant and former member of Mortality COD, Sam 'Samzorz' Hall will be doing a 24-hour live stream in support of a local childrens hospital.


For information on Mortality eSports players and event as they occur, follow us on Twitter @MortalityeS.

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