Mortality eSports 15-21 September Recap

Tuesday, Sep 23 2014  -   Justin Dellario


Mortality eSports SMITE traveled to Gavle, Sweden to compete in the Team Solo Mid Invitational. Mortality and  3 other European teams faced off in a single-elimination tournament. Mortality SMITE walked away in a respectable 3rd Place while Exposed Secrets finished 1st and SK Gaming finished 2nd.

The TSM Invitational, held on 20th September, can be viewed here. 

Mortality SMITE remains the front runner in SMITE's European SPL. Coming out of the bye week, the standings remain:


Fighting Games

In Fighting Games, Rico Suave enjoyed some much needed rest after his three week long trip to Puerto Rico for First Attack 2014, trip to Australia for Shadowloo Showdown 5, and week long trip to California for Wednesday Nigh Fights, The Run Back, and West Coast Warzone 4. Rico Suave was prepared to enter Gaming Underground Tournament Spectacular 3 (GUTS 3) however, some un-anticipated issues effected his competing this past weekend.


Call of Duty

Mortality Call of Duty will return Monday, September 29th in the Perfect Alliance League on


Super Smash Bros.

This weekend, Jeffrey "Axe" Williamson competed in Melee singles and doubles at Tipped Off 10 in Doraville, Georgia. Axe was able to place 3rd in doubles with his partner ESAM and 5th in singles. Axe and ChuDat's next outing will be "The Big House 4" in the second week of October. Of note, Axe's teespring campaign is in its final hours:


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