Mortality eSports 29-5 October Recap

Wednesday, Oct 08 2014  -   Brendan Viloria




Mortality eSports SMITE Team had a busy  week in the Hirez Studios' SMITE Pro League (SPL). For those unaware, the SPL is Hi-Rez's version of the LCS from the MOBA League of Legends.  In its own style, the SPL puts 6 professional level teams from the North American and EU regions in a multi-month season which leads up to a play-offs, and subsequently, the SMITE World Championships (SWC). The SWC crowd-funding campaigns have already been successful in reaching the $1,000,000 mark while the overall prize pool increases daily. For more information on the recent reach of the $1,000,000 goals, check out our sister company, SMITECentral's article.

For Mortality SMITE this week's schedule included three matches against some of the biggest names in eSports' SMITE teams, and after all was said and done, Mortality has taken another loss while prevailing in two games, leaving them in the number two spot in Europe with a 11-6 record: 

On 1 October, in the 1st match of the week, Mortality SMITE faced SK Gaming. (LOSS 0-1) Watch

On 3 October, in the 2nd match of the week, Mortality SMITE faced Team Coast. (WIN 1-0) Watch

On 4 October, in their 3rd match of the week, Mortality SMITE faced Cloud 9 Hyper X. (WIN 1-0) Watch

For a look at the new Mortality team page on Hirez Studios eSports Pro Site, check it out here.

Have you gotten a chance to watch any Mortality SMITE streams lately? Psiyo, iRaffer, Frezzyy, and sometimes M0eX have been streaming daily on the Mortality eSports Team Page.

Special Note: Psiyo Fans, Check out the Psiyo inspired fan tee-shirt that we've showcased at the bottom of the page and in our Teespring store front. 


Fighting Games

In Fighting Games, Rico Suave did not compete over the past week. Rico Suave has been preparing for The Fall Classic (TFC). TFC is one of the east coast's premier fighting game events held every year in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rico plans to compete in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Killer Instinct, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Of note, season 2 of Killer Instinct is here and Rico just might have found a new main. Watch his stream daily to see more on season 2. View the announcement trailer for TFC:




Call of Duty

Mortality COD and COD Academy are anxiously awaiting the release of Advanced Warfare. In the meantime, many players from Mortality COD have taken to streaming on their channels.  


Super Smash Bros.

ChuDat -

On 4 October, the day after Smash 4 was released for the 3DS, ChuDat competed at the Nintendo National Open Tournament Series at a GameStop in Baltimore, Maryland. He was able to make it to the final round, lost in the Free for All tournament. Learn more about his tournament experience firsthand at his Tumblr. If you are not following ChuDat's YouTube channel already, make sure to check it out and catch his new videos as they are released.

Axe - 

Axe competed at The Big House 4 in Romulus, Michigan the past weekend. There were over 500 competitors including 4 out of the 5 Smash Gods. Axe placed 9th in Melee singles, 5th in Melee doubles with his partner SFAT, and 13th in Project M singles. You can check out the final brackets of this tournament at Challonge to see Axe's progress through the tournament.



Spotlight: Official Psiyo Tee

Psiyo, the solo-laner from Mortality SMITE has launched his own tee-shirt via our sponsor Teespring. The shirt and all of it's sales directly support Psiyo and we'll be used to upgrade his streaming equipment. Check It Out:



For information on Mortality eSports players and event as they occur, follow us on Twitter @MortalityeS.

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