Mortality eSports League of Legends Roster Changes

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Gosu Ozz

Mortality eSports League of Legends team has been through some roster changes recently, and today we sat down with Team Captain/Support Lawrence Amador, aka "TranceTherapy", to discuss how he feels they will help the team in any upcoming events.

The changes took place prior to Mortality qualifying for the Western Digital Black Monster Cup and the new roster stands as:

TranceTherapy Team Captain/Support
Alextheman ADC
Mikasa Hackerman Mid
1adrianaries1 Solo/Top
Kandiscrub  Jungle

TranceTherapy recently transferred roles from Jungler to Support after about a month of practice, and is very pleased with the change. He stated today that after the transfer," Bottom lane has had a better win percentage, and either been breaking even or winning their lane. "

Further changes included the addition of Kandiscrub on April 1st. Kandi has taken over the Jungle role following Trance's transfer to support. When asked about how he feels the change has affected the team, he spoke very highly of Kandi's skills as a jungler.

"He is a very calculated Jungler, often taking risks that we see as excessive, but he knows how much damage he deals and all possible outcomes...and he has the skills to do it correctly." 

1adrianaries1 remains a dominant force in the top lane, and has been winning his lane over 90% of the time. This, accompanied by the fact that he is one of the top ELO challenger ranked players, makes him a very dangerous Top Lane player.

When asked about how the changes have affected the team as a whole, Trance had this to say," Communication has definitely increased, we now speak more about the good and the bad. Practice sessions have increased, and our consistency has improved. We have all the things necessary to make Team Razer proud."

Currently, Mortality is the 2nd ranked North American Challenger team in the in game ladder, and are planning to compete in several upcoming events such as: the Coke Zero Challengers Series, and the Western Digital Black Monster Cup. We are excited to see how they will perform, and how they will continue to grow as a team.

This article was written by Anthony, our Lead Journalist here at Mortality eSports. Follow him on Twitter @nonperos

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