Mortality eSports picks up EU Smite Team: Imaginary

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Steven Cooper

The team will be playing as Mortality eSports EU. After several strong showings in the Hi-Rez Weekly Tournaments, Mortality eSports is very excited to have these skilled players under our organization.

The Roster:

Epindary (Captain) - Jungler

Exotic - Duo-lane Carry

ImDazer - Support

CaptainTwig - Mage (Mid)

Enqu - Solo

When asked about Mortality eSports and what his teams plans are for the future, Team Captain Epindary had this to say:

We are extremely excited for this opportunity. Hopefully we can bring pride to Mortality's name and organisation. We will keep striving to improve and become the best. Only hard work will bring us that, so back to mastering the game.


This weekend will be the first that Imaginary will be competing under the Mortality eSports tag in the Hi-Rez Conquest 5v5 Weekly Tournament Series #21. SMITE Division Manager and Director of Operations at Mortality eSports, Steven Cooper talks about the excitement that comes with Imaginary Team: 

We didn't just sign Imaginary for their placing in the Hi-Rez Tournaments. After much reviewing of the players and looking at their past matches, the main reason is the level of excitement they can bring to Mortality. As a team who hasn't competed heavily as some others, they still prove they can stay at a high level of play with the likes of Cognitive EU and SK Gaming. Their playstyle is composed and strategic and we can't wait to see them grow with our organization.

                                                                                                                                 -Steven Cooper

Be sure to check out all the players social media information down below and follow @MyMortality for all the latest updates on Mortality eSports. The players and managers will be making their social media transitions into Mortality eSports this weekend.

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