Mortality eSports Prepares for SKTAR 3!

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Anthony Fix

Mortality eSports recently signed ChuDat as part of our new and expanding "Fighting Games" division, and as such, we are preparing to participate in the upcoming SKTAR 3! This will be the last qualifier for MLG Anaheim in June, stocked with the toughest competition and an over 8,000 dollar prize pool to match. The brackets are not currently out, however a registrants form is available here. 

While current polls and predictions place ChuDat out of the running or haven't considered his entry due to his very recent registration, we expect to witness a very high level of play from the veteran Ice Climbers pro. With players such as Soft, PPMD, Hax, and several others joining this fray it is sure to be one hell of a showdown with players scrapping tooth and nail for their shot at entry into MLG Anaheim!

We asked ChuDat where he feels he stands going in to this weekend's competition and the veteran smasher had this to say:

"I'm not going there expecting to win everything since all of the best players in the world will be in attendance but I would say a top ten placing will make me happy. I'm just excited to face some other top smashers before Anaheim and represent Mortality eSports and Team Razer."

For a look at some previous SKTAR gameplay, and some of the players that will be attending the event check out this video.

The tournament is set to be an amazing show of skill by veteran and budding smashers. We are ecstatic to see how ChuDat will perform at his very first major event under Mortality eSports, and wish him the best of luck as he competes against some of the biggest names in the Smash scene.


Here is a list of the brackets being used for each of the event types:

Project M Doubles

Project M Singles

Melee Doubles

Melee Singles

Brawl Doubles

Brawl Singles


SKTAR 3 Streams: (for Melee) (for Brawl and Project M)


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