Mortality eSports sign Mouse 1 & FIST/DBD

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Steven Cooper

Mortality eSports vision was to create a world class organization that would have steady growth within the competitive scene. First signing Imaginary Team, a brand new European SMITE team 2 months ago, they have quickly proven themselves to be a Top 5 team in the world, consistently making it to the finals vs. SK Gaming. Our hope was to continue growing the SMITE scene through 2014 and look at expanding in the near future.

Sometimes you just can't pass up on a great opportunity.

We are pleased to announce that Mortality eSports has signed former Top 2 North American Battlefield 3 team, Mouse 1 to a professional contract. Mouse 1 has won numerous tournaments dating back to when Battlefield 3 was first released. They will be competing in online tournaments as well as LAN events for Battlefield 4 in the hopes of bringing Mortality yet another successful division & being invited to the next Dreamhack Event. Along with Mouse 1, comes FIST/DBD one of the top large format clans in Battlefield, winning the National ESL 24v24 Night Cups giving Mortality E-Sports competitive teams in every level of Battlefield competition.

When asked about joining Mortality eSports, Managers Kurtis Coombs and Rodriguez had this to say:

"After weighing offers from other world class organizations, Mortality E-Sports blew us away with their professionalism and compete level while maintaining a friendly environment. After dominating the 32v32, 16v16 and 5v5 scene in BF3 we look forward to competing to do the same in Battlefield 4 against other world class E-Sports organizations. We have the drive and passion for the game to take the comeptitive scene by storm."

Kurtis "Ravage" Coombs (Manager)
Adrian "Kcer" Golec (Captain)
Antoine "syko" Primeau
Ramon "Daranath" Orlanes
Hyunwoo "sulsahhh" Bang
Nathan "Bai" Song
John "its_j0hn" Korzhuk

Not only is Mortality eSports signing Mouse 1, but will also be signing some of the top players in the game for a full 10v10 Team. This includes Jesse "opt1CoN" Pulice, a highly regarded Tanker in Battlefield 3 ; Justin "blu" Strealy, Xfactors Minions Littlebird Pilot, and Jordan "IRPepper" Sanders, former Airforce leader of FIST.Mouse 1 will be joining with these group of men to form Mortality eSports 10v10 roster.

At first, Manager of Mortality eSports Steven Cooper, had fumbled the thought of expanding too soon. But in the end, felt this was the right move:

"Mortality is all about growing at a steady rate while holding each team to a high standard of competitiveness.  I have to admit, I was hesitant to expand before 2014. However, looking at the track record and with us already having a big hold on the competitive European scene, we needed a North American presence. We found it."
LevelBF 5v5 Barebones Tournament - 1st place
BF3 Farewell 4v4 Tournament - 1st place
LevelBF 5v5 Night Test Cup - In Finals (Ongoing)

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