Mortality eSports signs Ignite CS:GO

Tuesday, Mar 17 2015  -   Nolan Mercer

Today is a historic day for Mortality eSports as we welcome our very first CS:GO roster. We are excited to pick up Ignite as they have shown us and the North American Counter-Strike team that they are ready to play with the big dogs. Over the past few months, they have shown amazing results by holding the 3rd rank in the Central Conference of ESEA's NA CS:GO: Open and taking out Fenix: Fire in the RGN Interconinental Open: NA Bracket, an intermediate level tournament that hosted known organizations such as Noble, SYNRGY, and Fenix. With a current 14-2 ESEA record, the chance of making it to the Main ladder of ESEA in the next playoffs, and the possibility of competing in CEVO, this new roster is looking to make a name for themselves in CS:GO, and we're proud to have them under our tag.

The new Mortality CS:GO roster includes:
Adrian "recky" Golec (Captain)
Daniel "vice" Kim
Hunter "SicK" Mims
Jacob Alexander "yay" Whiteaker
Duncan "PAUL_NEWMAN" Brown

Adrian "recky" Golec
"We are grateful for Mortality eSports for giving us the opportunity to represent them on multiple fronts. It means everything for us to have the backing and belief of someone like this organization. Words truly cannot express how excited we are to get started and build a long-lasting relationship with the people here. It has been a bit of a hectic few weeks, with a lot of attention and hype from the Counter Strike community; both positive and negative. Thankfully hard work and dedication always prevail and I believe us joining Mortality eSports is a testament to that. Thank you."

Patrick "OctanePro" Jester - Director of Operations
"Mortality eSports has been keeping a close eye on the competitive growth and viewer explosion revolving around the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene for some time now. Our organization has been eager to give a young up and coming team the opportunity and resources to take their passion to the next level. We have found ourselves constantly coming back to the Counter Strike: Global Offensive ESEA Open, scouting new and young teams. Team Ignite caught our eye several weeks back competing in the ESEA Open Central Conference. We are excited to take our first steps into the competitive CS:GO scene having Team Ignite lead the way representing Mortality eSports now."

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