Mortality eSports Signs Walk It Off As New SMITE Team

Wednesday, Aug 27 2014  -   Justin Dellario



As of August 25th 2014, we've signed the SMITE Team "Walk It Off" to represent Mortality eSports in the EU division of the upcoming SMITE Pro League.

Mortality eSports SMITE consists of five players: Stefan Leo Helpferer (Psiyo), Oskar Lasota (Frezzyy)Fredrik Vist (Fexez), Zvonimir Palac (m0eX), and Craig Rathbone (iRaffer)

Psiyo, the Solo-Laner, is a name most will recognize as he has competed in the professional SMITE scene in Europe and travelled to many live events over the past two years. Formerly representing SK Gaming and Cloud 9 Hyper X, Psiyo is an active streamer on

Frezzyy, m0eX, and Fexez, former members of Team Bloody Tech before Walk It Off, make up the Support, Attack Damage Carry and Mid-Laner positions respectively. These three have been teaming together since Season 1 of the Smite World Championship Series. Frezzyy often streams on his channel.

iRaffer, former member of Team Five I before Walk It Off, completes the roster as the team's Jungler. iRaffer started his competitive SMITE career in North America as a subsitute player for Exertus eSports, now COGnitive Prime, before joining Team Five I in the most recent season. iRaffer also regularly streams on his channel.

Here's what some of the players had to say:


"We are really excited to work with such a big organisation like Mortality eSports. It gives us a big motivation boost to continue working hard to achieve our dreams With their support, sooner or later, we will achieve our goals. Even though we are a young team, we will represent Mortality in the Smite Pro League at a very high level."

- Oskar "Frezzy" Lasota


"I am very much looking forward to playing under our new sponsor Mortality eSports. I've been following their steps through eSports over the last year and I am glad that i can be apart of it now. I hope to make them and their sponsors proud to have us as a team."

- Stefan "Psiyo" Helpferer


We are happy to welcome Team Mortality eSports SMITE. They have displayed tremendous potential in recent events and show no signs of slowing down. We look forward to watching this team grow in the professional scene as they make Mortality, Team Razer, Teespring, G-Fuel and all of our sponsors proud!



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This article was written by Brendan, our Lead Journalist here at Mortality eSports. Follow him on Twitter @CrsFriendzone

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