Mortality eSports Smash Players: 2-3 August 2014 Events Recap

Wednesday, Aug 06 2014  -   Brendan Viloria

This weekend, both of our Smash players placed in the Top 8 of tournaments they entered.  One of those tournaments was Zenith 2014 and the other, Mortality's first Smash event and Zenith viewing party in Hyatsville, MD.

Axe poses with SMITECentral Caster: F. while attending Zenith 2014.

Jeffrey "Axe" Williamson traveled to Brooklyn, New York to enter Zenith 2014 held at the NYU Game Center. Axe fought well in singles, until he lost to CT Wizzrobe in Round 3 of the winner's bracket. He then made his way back through the loser's bracket encountering many close matches along the way. He had notable hard fought matches with CTRL | The Moon, Apex | Nintendude, and finally his loss to Zhu in the last stock of the last game, ending Singles with an amazing 4th place finish. Axe also teamed up with CT | Zero and took 2nd in Melee Doubles. Check out the full results for Zenith 2014 here.

Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez entered our very own Mortality eSports Smash Tournament and Zenith Viewing Party held at Vigilante Coffee Company in Hyattsville, Maryland. This was no ordinary smashfest or small smash tournament. With Vigilante Coffee showing interest in hosting events, Mortality saw this weekend as a great opportunity to give Vigilante a small dose of the fun. Around 20 players entered Melee singles, doubles, and mid-tiers events. Food and drink were provided, and there were plenty of tables, chairs, and set-ups. The good news is that Vigilante Coffee has invited Smash back and our other local sponsors have sweetened the next event's prize pool with an extra $500. Stay tuned for more information on that.  For a full listing of the tournament brackets, visit here. For the Smashboards results page, visit here.

Some of you might be wondering why ChuDat did not compete at Zenith. The truth is ChuDat has left for Bolivia with his family. His scheduled departure time was early Monday morning and sending ChuDat to Zenith with the expectation that he would return home in time to get on a plane for Bolivia, a few hours later, was not something we wanted to do. In Bolivia, ChuDat has located multiple small Super Smash Bros. scenes where he plans to visit and compete. We've sent him with camera equipment to capture all of his activities so stay tuned for more great content from ChuDat!


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