Parabellum Esports Merges with Mortality eSports

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Gosu Ozz

Parabellum eSports, a newer addition to the eSports world, has recently merged with It's Gosu, the owner of several community websites, a web-development brand, and a rich history in eSports ranging from the former professional teams of It's Gosu eSports to the formation of several well-known eSport organizations. As a result of the merger, Parabellum eSports is merging assets with Mortality eSports. This is big news for the new Mortality eSports due to the increased resources available to field competitive teams in multiple games and platforms.

Parabellum has already sparked quite the fire with their challenger ranked League of Legends teams and community efforts in Smite and other aspiring main-stream MOBAs. Justin Dellario, aka "Ariston," CEO and Co-Founder of Parabellum E-Sports (now the Managing Director of Mortality eSports), stated today that, "This will allow us to support multiple teams competing in events around North America and eventually the world. Combined with such great sponsors like Team Razer, Geared 4 Gaming, and an investor like Its Gosu, we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were just weeks ago. Make sure to watch our site and other forms of social media for some big announcements."

With Mortality eSports' newly acquired resources and investors, they are set out to make Team Razer proud. This includes scouting for a new professional SMITE team to accompany their already existent League of Legends challenger team and professional Call of Duty team.

This article was written by Anthony, our Lead Journalist here at Mortality eSports. Follow him on Twitter @nonperos

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