Mortality eSports Logo Change

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Anthony Fix

Today, Mortality eSports made the decision to wave farewell to the previous logo, and welcome in a newer, more clean-cut image.

We had the opportunity to talk with Mortality's CEO Justin "Ariston" Dellario about why the decision was made:

"Mortality eSports decided to move in the direction of a simpler, clean-cut logo that we feel can stand on it's own as a calling card.  Given our title, Mortality eSports, we did not need to be tied to an arbitrary mascot, and as such, we chose a logo with ties to our name, hence the letter M.  Encue Designs has always done great work for us in the past and when looking around for a new logo design, he was the easiest choice to make."

For more information on Encue Designs,make sure and visit him on twitter, visit his company that specializes in Pre-Made Designs, and/or visit his newest endeavor aimed at spotlighting new artists @PremadeGuests. Encue's pre-made designs are purchasable here, and lessons in graphic design are avaliable from Encue himself here.

While not exactly a major change within Mortality, it can stand to reason that the new logo will add more towards their recognition both in the competitive realm, as well as in the overall eSports community. Stay tuned for any future updates dealing with Mortality eSports, and make sure and follow us on Twitter.

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This article was written by Anthony, our Lead Journalist here at Mortality eSports. Follow him on Twitter @nonperos


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