Mortality eSports LoL Qualifies for Black Monster Cup Finals

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Gosu Ozz

The Western Digital Black Monster Cup started in the European circuit during 2013, and after achieving a large amount of support, they have now expanded to the North American region. Players numbered in the tens of thousands during the last tournament, and this years event should be no different. Partly due to the fact that the tournament allows a large amount of armature teams the ability to showcase their skills,  the Western Digital Black Monster Cup promises to have a large amount of teams participate in the event, including our highly skilled Morality eSports team.

Mortality first stepped into the tournament during the BMC NA Qualifier #1, and did very well, taking two wins early on. They ultimately lost in the Quarter finals to Next Generation, who placed 3rd overall. They stayed hungry, and showed a very impressive amount of skill during the BMC qualifier #2. Again taking two opposing teams out of the tournament and losing during the quarter finals. Qualifier #3 dealt Mortality a very hard hand, and they lost during their second match against VG eSports. The team was quickly running out of opportunities to clench a victory and qualify for the Finals. Finally, in the 4th Qualifier, Mortality pulled out all the stops, and advanced through the stacked bracket to clench 2nd place against Team 8, and has earned their assured spot in the upcoming Finals.

Mortality has been practicing hard, and hopes to do well this Saturday, the 19th of April, where they will face off against False Facade Gaming, 1st place winners in the BMC #1 Qualifier. This promises to be a very interesting match, and we hope that Mortality will be able to advance and ultimately claim the 1st Place $5,000 Grand Prize.

Prize money breakdown:

  1st   US$5,000 and 5 Western Digital Black²
  2nd   US$3,000
  3rd   US$1,200
  4th   US$750
  5th-8th   US$250 each


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