Mortality eSports Prepares for LoL Coke Zero Challenger Series

Monday, Jun 02 2014  -   Anthony Fix

Mortality eSports LoL will be competing in the upcoming Coke Zero Challenger Series, the result of an innovative partnership between Riot Games and Coke Zero. This series will be running in tandem with the current LCS 2014 Season, giving top teams even more to fight for. To qualify for entry, teams must place within the top 20 on the ranked 5s Team Ladder. Mortality goes in as the 4th seeded team in North America. To be selected for this cutting-edge tournament is not only an honor, but a chance for Mortality to showcase its skill and finesse on the LoL battlefield.

A prestigious event such as this is certain to have a hefty prize, and the Coke Zero Challenger Series is no exception. Prizes are split into two different pools, a Series Prize and a Playoff Prize. Payouts are as follows:


Series Prize Pool
1st Place $6,000
2nd Place $4,000
3rd Place $3,000
4th Place $2,000
5th-8th Place $1,250
Playoff Prize Pool
1st Place $16,000
2nd Place $10,000
3rd Place $8,000
4th Place $3,000
5th-8th Place $1,250







There is certain to be stiff competition at this event, and Mortality has been going all out in preparation for their matches, honing their skills and strategies in an effort to make Team Razer proud. 

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This article was written by Anthony, our Lead Journalist here at Mortality eSports. Follow him on Twitter @nonperos

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