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Tuesday, Apr 07 2015  -   Nolan Mercer

So it's been a long time since we've done one of these, and we're going to try to keep them coming once a week, hopefully.

Let's start with Rico Suave, The Freshmaker. 
In late February, Rico competed in Essington, PA for the 9th annual Winter Brawl tournament where he took 4th place, losing to long-time rival, TSC|CDjr.

In late March, Rico competed in Atlanta, GA for the 18th annual Final Round tournament where he unfortunately was knocked out in Top 16 by new comer, Marshall Law, a TJ Combo player. Showing just how OP TJ Combo really is.  

Rico also built a new PC and will be streaming a lot more than Killer Instinct now. You can catch him playing SMITE, Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter, and plenty more at:

Now for everyone's personal favorite; Melee.
Axe recently went to Texas for the weekend, competing at Infinite & Beyond, Aftershock, and Monday Night Melee, thanks to tourneylocator.

At Infinity & Beyond, Axe took 1st place in Melee Doubles with Westballz, and took 2nd place in Melee singles, losing to Westballz in a crazy Falco mirror match.
At Aftershock, Axe was a busy man as he competed in both Melee singles and doubles, and Project M singles and doubles. He took 1st place in singles, taking out doubles teammate, Wobbles, in Grand Finals; 1st place in Melee doubles with fellow AZ native, Wobbles; 4th place in PM singles, and 2nd place in PM doubles with Aero. Fun note to add, Axe didn't play Pikachu at all in the Grand Finals, but did break out the Fox and Falco.
At Monday Night Melee, Axe lost to Westballz again in Melee Grand Finals, sparking one of the best rivalries this side of the Rockies. 

We're thankful for tourneylocator helping out Axe and getting him to Texas for an awesome weekend of Smash Bros. Fly high, brother.

We haven't forgotten about ChuDat, either. Though his 'Morning GFuel', 'Lunch', and 'Dinner' tweets have slowed down quite a bit, he's still going strong, streaming with CrewDat, playing Melee, Smash 4, and League of Legends. He also recently went to a Smash @ Xanadu monthly, where he took 1st place in Melee doubles with Liquid`Chillindude. The famed duo also brought back infamous 'Chillin With Chu' series, brought to you by VGBootcamp.

And now for something a little new! Counter Strike: Global Offensive!
We recently announced the signing of amateur CS:GO squad, Ignite. With a former Mortality Battlefield 4 in recky, our new CS:GO squad qualified for ESEA Open Playoffs and are currently in semifinals, and going to face off against Damn We Are Good. They've managed to make it the entire way without dropping a single map, going 2-0 against NightNight, Quetzal Gaming, and portLANd. You can find their tournament history here, and you can watch their most recent maps down below.

It's been an interesting past few months for Mortality eSports, with the departure of our Smite roster, the signing of our CS:GO roster, and essentially a new beginning for us. We hope that you will join us on our new journey into CS:GO, and continue to support us in Fighting Games and Smash Bros. 

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