Mortality eSports 26-31 August RECAP

Monday, Sep 01 2014  -   Justin Dellario


The newly announced Mortality eSports SMITE Team had a busy week with the launch of Hirez Studios' first iteration of the SMITE Pro League (SPL). For those unaware, the SPL is Hirez's version of the LCS from the MOBA League of Legends.  In its own style, the SPL puts 6 professional level teams from the North American and EU regions in a multi-month season which leads up to a play-offs, and subsequently, the SMITE World Championships (SWC). The SWC is expected to deliver a seven figure prize pool after crowd-funding.

For Mortality SMITE, this week's schedule included three matches against some of the biggest names in eSports' SMITE teams: 

On 27 August, in their season opener Mortality SMITE faced SMITE's returning World Champions Team Solo Mid. (WIN 1-0) Watch

On 29 August, Mortality SMITE faced Cloud 9 Hyper X. (WIN 1-0) Watch

On 30 August, Mortality SMITE faced Team Coast. (WIN 1-0) Watch

In this past week, Mortality SMITE solidified themselves as the front runner in SMITE's European SPL. Click here for the standings. After defeating TSM on Wednesday, iRaffer and Frezzyy were interviewed by popular shoutcaster Hinduman and that video can be found here.


Miss the SMITE team announcement video?  Watch it here.


Fighting Games

In Fighting Games, our very own Rico Suave traveled to Melbourne Australia to compete in the famed international event "Shadowloo Showdown 5." Our full preview of the event can be found here. Shadowloo Showdown was a three day FGC event with 13 different games represented and contenders from all over the world.  Rico Suave competed in Killer Instinct, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Ultra Street Fighter 4 (USF4). Rico took 1st place in Killer Instinct defeating FChampRyan and 1st in Injustice this weekend while managing a 9th place overall in USF4.  In USF4 Rico managed a top 16 Winner's Bracket birth after beating KOK in the top 32. In top 16, Rico was immediately matched against the eventual Champion, Gamerbee.  In the Loser's Bracket top 16, Rico dropped a close set to RF. For a full recap of the event's placings, click here. Expect a full write-up on Rico Suave's trip to Australia including pictures, comments from Rico himself, and possibly some details on the off-time money matches!!


Call of Duty

This week was a significant one for Mortality COD in that it was the beginning of their road through the Perfect Alliance League Season 1.  One Friday, 29 August, Mortality COD faced the budding professional roster of Team Carnage.  In a BO5 set, Mortality COD took one map and dropped three to what is said to be on of the best rosters in the entire league. The match scores can be found here. Mortality COD will look to redeem themselves in the coming week when they face Annex on 3 September at 10 PM EST on MLG.Tv/PerfectAlliance. For the full league schedule, click here.


Super Smash Bros.

ChuDat -

On 26 August, one day after returning from his almost month long trip to Bolivia, our very own ChuDat traveled to the competitive MD/VA local tournament "Smash @ Xanadu Weekly" in Baltimore, Maryland where the game mode of the week was Project M (PM).  ChuDat definitely put on a strong showing despite his apparent "rust" from almost a month of off time in Bolivia. He managed to sweep the winner's side of his bracket until facing a tough loss to Mew2King in the Winner's Finals. Shaken from his loss, ChuDat eventually dropped a set to PinkFresh in the Loser's Finals ultimately placing him 3rd overall. Here's a link to the bracket.

On 27 August, ChuDat helped organize and entered the "Ganesville, VA Gauntlet Weekly" (GGW) PM Event.  ChuDat swept the 30+ entrant bracket ultimately defeating boss in the Grand Finals. Of note, the GGW is streamed Wednesdays on ChuDat's Twitch.Tv channel.

On 29 August, just a few days after Smash @ Xanadu Weekly, ChuDat entered the Friday night "Smash @ Clarendon" melee event in Arlington, Virginia which reached its own record of 88 entrants.  The list of other contenders included names such as Chillindude, Nintendude, DOH, Milkman, Redd, Azen, DP, and more.  Unfortunately, ChuDat fell in to the loser's bracket after tough quarterfinal loss to local ICs main Nintendude.  After beating DOH in the loser's quarterfinals, ChuDat dropped another close set to long-time training partner Chillindude. ChuDat placed 7th overall. Of note, Friday night was Chillindude's birthday and it was apparent there was some extra drive behind the Fox main who eventually won the Grand Final's in a dominant victory over Redd. Here's a link to the bracket.

On 30 August, ChuDat traveled back to MD for the "Smash @ Xanadu Monthly PM Tournament." With just over 60 entrants, the Smash @ Xanadu event included local PM contenders like Coney, Boss, Pink Fresh and more. ChuDat managed a safe climb to the winner's semi-finals match where he took his first loss of the day to Coney.  In the loser's bracket, ChuDat fought his way back to the Loser's Finals before dropping a close set to long-time PM rival, Pinkfresh. This placed ChuDat in 4th overall. Here's a link to the bracket.


On 25 August, Axe traveled to the "Scrub That Dish Weekly" Melee Tournament. In a bracket of 30+ participants, Axe managed to make it to the grand finals where he faced and defeated his fellow Arizona native, Tai, placing first overall. See the VOD here.


Spotlight: Samzorz Streams for the World to See

Former competitive Call of Duty player for Mortality COD, now turned streamer/marketing assistant, Sam 'Samzorz' Hall found himself smack dab in the middle of the global media's attempts to cover the Amazon acquisition of Twitch.Tv. During his normal time slot of 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM EST, Sam Hall was featured on the front page of Twitch.Tv 6 out of the last 7 nights streaming.  During that period, newsrooms from around the world captured Samzorz conducting his nightly streams.  Footage of Samzorz streaming was shown on CNN, HLNTV, and other broadcasts attempting to indoctrinate the unknowledgeable of Amazon's 1 Billion Dollar attraction to Twitch.Tv.  One such story and video clip can be found here.


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