Call of Duty Team

Monday, May 12 2014  -   mortalityjd




Sam "Samzorz" Hall

My name is Sam Hall, known in the gaming world as “Samzorz”. I played video games all of my life and decided to give competitive gaming a try after I saw Halo 2 being played on national television. I found the Call of Duty series in 2008 and haven’t looked back since, placing 14th in my very first Pro Circuit ladder in 2009. I finally achieved the “professional’ status through Major League Gaming in 2011 at the National Championship event in Providence, RI for Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. Since then, I have pursued other ventures in the Call of Duty scene, such as journalism, volunteering for major companies, as well as creating the largest Call of Duty eSports database, CODpedia.



Scott "RuMCaKes" Ball

My name is Scott. I have been playing video games my entire life as a hobby. I discovered eSports once I was no longer able to continue on with my Mixed Martial Arts career due to medical issues. When I ventured into eSports I started a Starcraft 2 brand called All 4 ONE Gaming. ONE was eventually acquired by It's Gosu eSports, where I was responsible for business development and player management. After my time with It's Gosu I fulfilled management positions in Quantic Gaming and Evil Geniuses. These positions eventually lead to my current day job with Razer as an eSports Specialist.



Tommy "Zcuz" Duong

My name is Tommy. I am 19 years old. Started playing competitively in MW2 but stopped playing competitive COD after that because of sports. After high school ended I wanted to find a way to compete, which brought me back to Black Ops 2. I started playing Black Ops 2 competitively with some local friends and I made it a mission to make Call of Duty: Ghosts my best game. My biggest achievment in Call of Duty would be playing for an organization like Mortality, they have great managers and great people all over working for them.





Ryan "Rayge" Rusch

My name is Ryan. I am 23 years old. I started gaming back in 2004 with halo 2 and won a couple smaller  local lans. I eventually made the switch over to the call of duty title shortly after the release of halo 3. Started playing call of duty competitively in 2008 during cod4 and since then i have been trying to get better and better and achieve one of my goals by competing at events. With that being said i look forward to all the upcoming events with Mortality.





AJ "Atlas" Andrada

My first encounter with comeptitive gaming was at the start of Call of Duty: Black Ops 1. Back then I played for a team named "Think Twice" and our best accomplishment was top 4 at the summer Wanfest 2011 tournament behind OpTic, nV, and Quantic. I also attended MLG Raleigh and MLG Providence that year. Shortly after that, I moved on to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and came back to competing a couple months into Black Ops 2.  In Black Ops 2 went to UMG Chicago and MLG Anaheim.  More recently, in Call of Duty: Ghosts,  I attended UMG Philly under the organization Strike.