Back to Basics – Mortality eSports signs Silent Pandas, returning to the EU

Tuesday, Aug 18 2015  -   Nolan Mercer

Rejoice Smite Fans! Mortality eSports has expanded it’s operations back into the EU Smite Scene.

With the announcement for the Smite World Championships sponsored by Xbox One and its $150,000 USD prize pool, Mortality couldn’t be prouder to continue its role as a prominent player in the Smite community and competitive eSports.

After a solid showing in multiple EGL Tournaments, including winning this past Sundays Tournament, placing 1st after a well fought battle against Barrage, and successfully winning the first Smite Division Tournament, with other known teams such as Paradigm and Barrage competing - Mortality eSports is ecstatic to announce the signing of Silent Pandas(EU) under our banner for Smite on the Xbox One console.

The new Mortality eSports EU Xbox One Smite roster includes;

Will ‘Syncrotion’ Theobald, @MOR_Syn

Support and Team Captain
Dávid ‘Zenborne’ Péntek, @MOR_ZENBORNE

Jack ‘XXXW4TS0NXXX’ Watson, @MOR_Watson

Kevin ‘Kizau’ Luchs, @MOR_Kizau

Ravage, Smite Manager for Mortality eSports
“I’ve been watching these guys play for months now, and I genuinely feel they have the potential to be one of the best teams out there. They have the drive, dedication and skill to really mix up the scene. Our goal is to expand our EU presence – as we’ve had major success with our past EU Smite teams on the PC. We view this as a bold and exciting move at my Mortality , as we begin to support an NA and EU team.”

Patrick “OctanePro” Jester, Director of Operations for Mortality eSports
“Mortality eSports has kept a close eye on the Smite competitive scene since our departure, during the end of Season 1 of the Smite Pro League.  Over the last year we have been monitoring the growth of Smite for the Xbox One and its future eSports potential. With the announcement of the UMG Online & Major League Gaming Smite World Championship qualifiers, we knew it was time for action. So a few weeks ago Mortality eSports signed a Smite Xbox One North American team, reintroducing ourselves to the scene with many returning warm welcomes. It’s my pleasure to announce we weren’t done there. 
Mortality eSports is looking to dominate the Smite eSports scene once again on both sides of the pond this time, with the signing of Silent Pandas.” 

What’s Next?

Catch our team competing in the next EGL Tournament at 1 pm EST on August 23rd. You can follow our mid laner on twitch during all tournaments @

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