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Thursday, Jul 23 2015  -   Nolan Mercer

Rejoice Smite Fans! Mortality eSports has returned to the Smite eSports scene one week removed from bringing back former Battlefield 4 Manager, Kurtis “Ravage” Coombs (See previous article

With the recent announcement of the Smite World Championships sponsored by Xbox One and its $150,000 USD prize pool, Mortality couldn’t be prouder to continue its role as a prominent player in the Smite community and competitive eSports.

After a solid showing in the ESNLA Premier League Qualifier Tournament (Formerly Smite Xbox League), placing 1st after a well fought battle against Audacity, Mortality eSports is ecstatic to announce the signing of Team Ultimate (NA) under our banner for Smite on the Xbox One console.

The new Mortality eSports Xbox One Smite roster includes;

Team Captain and Mid

Jesse ‘lcodemanl’ Collins, @lcodemanl

The Duo Lane of Brotherly Love

Carry – Bryson ‘Hossasaurus’ Barlow, @Hossasaurus

Support – Trevor ‘Trevrawr’ Barlow, @Trevrawr


Christopher ‘Salty Wolves' Leon, @NomsterWolf


Will ‘OKC THUND3R FAN’ Allen, @WillAllen452

Trevrawr, support for Mortality eSports.
We’re ecstatic to be joining a professional organization (like Mortality) that’s had such a great history in Smite on PC. I remember following epindary when he played for morEU. It made a lot of sense for us to partner with a professional company that has its roots in this game.

Ravage, Smite Manager for Mortality eSports
It’s been a long couple of weeks crunching data and meeting with numerous teams. I can say with confidence that we’ve picked up an NA team with enormous potential to grow and compete as we approach the Smite World Championship Series. These guys came out swinging after a roster change and caught most of the Xbox One Smite Community by surprise with their strong performance in the qualifier tournament. With the large portion of the roster living around Georgia, it’s an exciting possibility to have a hometown team of sorts at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre playing for the championship.


What’s On The Horizon

Watch for Mortality eSports to be ramping up their tournament appearances this Saturday (July 25th) in the UMG 5v5 Conquest Cup and the Game Battles 5v5 $1000 Tournament (July 26th). Make sure to catch them tonight in ESNLA’s  5v5 Conquest 300 Pro Marks Tournament tonight at 6:30pm EST @ and

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