Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team Recap

Tuesday, Jun 02 2015  -   Nolan Mercer

For the past month, Mortality CS:GO has competed in a number of events from ESEA and CEVO to ESWC Qualifiers. In the CEVO Main League, the team stands 9-1, not including the 5 Forfeit Wins they recieved (which were replaced with Makeup Matches), and seeing their only loss to Tempo GG in an overtime match, 19:16 on de_mirage. In the ESEA Main League, the team stands 7-1, with their only loss being to LUCRATiVE eSports 16:2 on de_cache. The team also played against Fokus North in a very close overtime match which they won 19:16.

Last Sunday, on March 31st, 2015, Mortality CS:GO competed against Counter Logic Gaming in the ESWC Qualifer's Round of 16 after qualifying from the losers bracket of the Open Bracket, due to being taken out by LunatiK eSports in the Winners Semi-Finals. The team lost to CLG 2:0 (16:6, 16:6) on de_mirage and de_inferno, along with every other Open Qualifier team. Although they were taken out early, they have not lost hope and have looked even stronger, showing their skills against District 7 in a 16:3 victory on de_overpass.

The team will continue to compete in the ESEA and CEVO Main Leagues over the next few weeks, and will continue to practice for any upcoming LANs. We will be sure to keep you all updated on any events Mortality CS:GO will compete in, and we thank you for following Mortality eSports.

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