Weekly Recap - April 8th thru April 16th, 2015

Friday, Apr 17 2015  -   Nolan Mercer

It's been a busy week for us, with our CS:GO team competing in the ESEA Open Playoffs, the departure of Axe, and the release of Mortal Kombat X, things have been pretty interesting. Our involvement in Smash Bros for these recaps will diminish quite a bit, as ChuDat is mostly found streaming Melee, Smash 4, and League of Legends here, and Axe's departure will leave a dent in Smash Bros. as a whole. But he did depart on good terms, and we can't be mad at someone following their dream.but we sure hope you like CS:GO! Because we have a lot to talk about onthat.

Our CS:GO team recently competed in the ESEA NA Open Playoffs after finishing off their open pool run at 7th place. The team of young unknown talent easily zipped by the competition and was the only team to not drop a single map throughout their run. They ended up in the Grand Finals against newly sponsored team, Forsaken eSports. Forsaken did not disappoint their newly found home, by taking out our newly picked up crew 2-0, with a score of 16-14 on Dust 2 and 16-11 on Nuke. But our boys did not disappoint us. We are incredibly proud to have these guys playing for us and representing the Mortality tag. We never expected our entrance into Counter-Strike to be this booming. And thankfully our players did not lose hope, as they had this to say:

Hunter 'SicK' Mims
"We have learned a lot from our first couple tournaments. As a team we will be looking to overhaul our play entirely. I believe there is a bright future for the team and lots of room for improvement."

Adrian 'recky' Golec
"While we consider this a successful season being our first together and first in CS:GO for most of us, we are eager to improve and bring home a title next time around. We will go back to the drawing board and adjust our playing style to get the most out of every player and therefore increase our level of play. In the next few weeks,  we will be competing in Season 7 of CEVO Main as well as the next season of ESEA. We aim to progress as we have for the past few months and build our reputation in the CS community  through positive results and further participation in community events such as GoRGN tournaments. Thank you for your support."

We'd like to thank our CS:GO roster for playing for us in a large tournament, and we're incredibly excited to see them place top 2. We hope they can push themselves further in tournaments and in practice and show the CS:GO community what they can really do, all whilst playing under the Mortality tag. Keep fighting, boys.

Seeing as we have no Smash Bros. news to talk about, we can talk about the release of Mortal Kombat X. Rico have recently built his massive stream machine thanks to his Big Man Crew or whatever he likes to talk his fangirls, and has been streaming quite a bit of Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter, a game I personally thought dropped off after it's release from beta. But he's been having fun with it, and been taking a break while waiting for MKX, which has finally been released! Rico has been streaming it quite a bit here, and even recently streamed friendlies online with Injustice bonjwa, cR_SonicFox. So I would definitely recommend checking that out whenever you have the free time, as he also does subscriber giveaways for things like headsets, game copies, etc. Super fun stream, can get very PG-13, so I'd recommend staying away if you're prone to nose bleeds.

Thank you all for reading this, and we hope you enjoy the format. If you have any recommended changes or have anything to say at all, feel free to comment below and speak your mind.

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