Mortality Changes in Direction and Focus

Monday, Jun 22 2015  -   Patrick Jester

Over this past weekend, we made a tough decision to step away from fighting games for the foreseeable future.  For us, this is the second step in a direction we chose to take several months ago when we pursued a top-tier amateur CS:GO  team with the intent to build a professional team. When we made this decision, we knew that resources would be limited due to no longer fielding "professional" level teams in SMITE or pursuing Call of Duty, characteristics that made us more valuable to the list of sponsors supporting Mortality in 2014.  

Mortality will soon push in to additional team oriented eSports titles requiring the resources that might otherwise be spent on expensive travel to fighting game events.  Some might wonder why/how the resources spent on our fighting games endeavors are too much however, it should be known that for the events discussed between our fighting game players and Mortality management ahead of time, the players received full travel, lodging, tournament registration fees, and sometimes expense money for food. In some cases, where short notice was given by a player to attend events, the players were asked to seek out friends to share rooms with or expense money was not provided however, this was a very infrequent circumstance. 

Parting ways with ChuDat and RicoSuave is not a decision we take lightly however, neither player remains under a period based contract. Their obligations to Mortality and vice versa fell under verbal agreements made to continue working together in the same fashion at the end of their initial contract periods. 

We wish ChuDat and Rico Suave the best of luck in their future competitions.

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